Upgrade to Android P (9.0) within 10 minutes: Want to feel how Android P (Pie) will be? Then let me guide you through the easy steps to configure your phone to have features like Android PIE.

Android Pie :

Google released their stable version for the latest Android code-named ‘Android PIE’ on 6th August 2018.

With the release of Latest Android version each year, Google add some eye-catching features.

But there is a problem with Android that, if you are not using Pixel devices or Phone with Android ONE. The chances are you are never going to get the latest version of Android.

But I’m here to guide you through a few steps in which you can have the experience of Android P within 10 minutes. You do not need to be an expert to do that either.

Features you can have in your Android P build :

  • Android Pie Navigation Bar:

We are accustomed to the traditional ‘back’, ‘home’ and ‘recent’ button.

Android 9 changes all of it, with the Navigation Bar at the bottom which replaces the traditions, is one of the biggest trends nowadays apart from gesture controls.

android pie navigation bar

You can have features like swipe right to show recent menu, swipe left to go back and tap on the Bar to go home.

  • Tilt to show rotation button:

If you are updated with the features of Android Pie, then you are familiar with this feature.

When you tilt your phone, you will see a new button on the right of your navigation bar and tapping it will automatically put your phone into landscape mode even when you do not turn on Auto Rotation in your phone.

This feature is really handy when you are multitasking with youtube and other messaging apps.

auto rotate in android pie

The usability of this feature is endless and can be productive at the end of the day.

  • Lawnchair V2 for Pixel like experience:

home screen android 9.0

If you want your phone to look just like the pixel then XDA developers have created this app with the feature ported from Android Pie and I am sure you will be amazed by their perfection.

It is simply the closest to the original Pixel launcher.

You will be amazed at the features and customisation it will provide you with.

Also, you can tweak some of the settings in them to satisfy the way you want them to.

  • Android Pie notification shade:

notification shade 9.0

Each year, the notification shade changes its overall colour theme and this time it is based on blue and white with rounded toggleable icons.

You can have them right on your phone.

Google has the Material theme 2.0 this time, to get a more materialistic look than ever before, and you can have them as well.

  • Wallpaper exclusive to Android Pie:

Google does amaze us with their live themes, wallpapers in their every addition of new Android.

This year they keep their promise as well, with material designed wallpaper they do look amazing.

  • Android Pie Easter Egg:

Android Pie Easter Egg

Last but not least comes the Easter Egg, with every upgrade of Android Google surprise us with their Easter Egg.

This year the Easter Egg is a bit boring, with no such interaction as we are accustomed to since Android Lollipop.

This time it is an interactive P with rainbow circling around the P.

How to Upgrade to Android P?

  • Download Few apps from Play Store.

Power Shade, Android P Rotation, Navigation Gestures, Lawnchair V2 and the last one is optional for more Android Pie look, download Pie – Android P Easter Egg and feel the joy of playing with each and every easter eggs revealed by Android.

Installing all the apps from above its time to give you the look of Android 9 wallpapers.

Its time to set-up the apps to have the experience of Android 9 right now.

  • Set Lawnchair as your default launcher.

Default launcher

And press ALWAYS.

  • Drag the Dialer, Message, Chrome, Camera and contact app into the Dock of your Lawnchair Launcher (I know the name is something weird but bear with me).
  • Open ‘Navigation Gestures’.

Grant permissions from Accessibility Service and If you have an On-Screen Navigation keys Watch this video and you will know what to do!

Press On Enable Gesture Pill for the navigation pill at the bottom of your screen, also enable Hide Navigation Bar if you have on-screen Navigation Keys.

Tap on the button at the upper right screen to access the settings options.

Select Appearance, and change

1.Pill Corner Radius -> 10 dp

2.Pill Width -> 85 px

3.Pill Height -> 34 px

4.Vertical (Y) Position -> 14 px

For the Pixel like nav bar experience.

With this Navigation, you can pull right for Recent Menu, and pull left for Back and tap on the pill to Go Home.

  • Open ‘Android P Rotation’ and give the required permissions.

Change the Position of suggestion buttonBottom-Right.

  • Open ‘Power Shade’

Give the required permissions and voila! you are almost done!!

NOTE:- Those who are still using Android Lollipop or Marshmello can reply from the notification shade as well.


  • You can experience the same features provided in the Android P.
  • Make your home screen look like stock UI from Pixel.
  • You can use the Navigation Bar to work like in Pixel phones and also hide the Navigation Keys.
  • Play with the New easter egg from Android P.
  • You can reply from Notification Shade, useful for Android Lollipop and Marshmello users.
  • Change your Android Phone from THIS

home screen android 5.0 notification shade android 5-min


home screen android 9.0 notification shade 9.0 notification shade edit

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