On the last leak by Tencent Games, the new update should feature certain new aspects into the game which include death cam, zombie mode, auto-rickshaw, new weapons and lot more in PUBG Mobile.

The upcoming update is already described by us, you can check out the post in which I’ve pointed out certain new features and things inPUBG Mobile that was hyped for so long.

[UPDATE]-PUBG Mobile 0.10.5|Zombie mode, Auto-Rickshaw, MK47 Mutant and many more

The latest leakessuggests that the update 0.10.5 will go live into the servers by 20th January. So prepare your Jio data as such to download a whole bunch of 1.7+GB of data this time.

A new gun PP-19 BIZON, might hit into this update as well. CS and CS:GO Players might know this gun as it is kind of famous there, and now it is making its way into PUBG Mobile for a silent yet deadly combination. It a SMG which shoots .9mm rounds and is fast enough to kill in an instant.

The Gutshot-headshot gun, MK47 Mutant will be available in this 0.10.5 update. The gun can be switched into burst and single shot, and uses a 7.62 mm amunation with 20 rounds. Equip it with Laser Sight and volia that combination will take opponent straight into hell.

The auto rickshaw, Tukshai might make it’s way into Sanhok map and would be a perfect addition to the scene in that map.

Lastly, the old voice sound is coming back, ah such a relief for so many people who missed the intensity of that voice. Also you can switch that previous voice with the new one as well.


  • The update might hit on the server by 20th January.
  • New Zombie mode is coming.
  • Death cam view.
  • Two new guns:- MK47 Mutant and PP-19 BIZON
  • A new vehicle:- Tukshai
  • Old voice quick messages
  • Bug fixes and lot more