In the subsequent next update, PUBG Mobile version 0.10.5 will bring up much-awaited zombie mode, dynamic weather and snow for Erangel, new vehicle Tukshai, the MK47 Mutant and many more bug fixes which are stated according to leakes.

Zombie Mode

Zombie mode
A Zombie Attacking the player.

In the latter half of last year, Tencent Games partnered up with Resident Evil gaming franchise, which will finally bring up the zombie mode in PUBG Mobile.

The zombie mode might be an entirely different scenario from the currently available modes in the game.

In the update 0.10.0 we are getting hints of the zombie being available throughout the map, so its what we expect the next update from Tencent Games might put into right now.

It might be similar to the war mode, but in this situation, the squads would compete against the waves of zombie within the given time limit and the squad with most kills would win.

It sounds phenomenal and that might be the case for a new update. The zombies might not attack using any weapons but their numbers are what might threaten the mode to play.

Tukshai (Auto-Rickshaw)

Tukshai auto rickshaw

Tukshai:- Auto Rickshaw

As we are already familiar with the auto rickshaw in the chinese Beta (lightspeed) version of the game, Tukshai – Auto Rickshaw which might be available for Sanhok map only.

The Auto Rickshaw, perfectly matches with the environment of the Sanhok map and riding on with the auto rickshaw give me the feel of playing Just Cause 2. Let’s see what Tencent Games have in mind for the next update.

MK47 Mutant


The new weapon MK47 Mutant might come on the 0.10.5 update as it was one of the most hyped gun in the global beta. The gun requires 7.62mm bullets and it has burst shot.

MK47 with its high damage and burst shot might be the best combo with a laser sight for the gutshot-headshot attack, a very damaging type of attack. The recoil might vary in the official update.

Dyanmic Weather and Snow in all Map

Tencent Mobile might release dyanmic weather, i.e, rain and thunderstorm in Erangel and snow in all other maps. Though leaks do not confirm this right now, but they may come soon.

Other Fixes

On the last update of 0.10 PUBG Mobile got the Vikendi map, but it has many bugs which make the gameplay really unplayable.

There are certain things related to the Vikendi map which you can check out here.

[Two Ghillie Suits] Vikendi (Snow map)-PUBG | White and Brown Suit

The bugs that are mentioned there might be fixed for a smooth gameplay. That would really make lot of people get back into the gaming again.