There are two Ghillie Suits, exclusive to Vikendi Map in PUBG Mobile. The White and Brown Ghillies, which excels in their own territory throughout the map.

Vikendi Map is the lastest map in PUBG Mobile, and Tencent Games is trying to mimic the PUBG PC into the mobile version. Though the map is still in BETA which includes occassional lags and other problems, but the map has many things exclusive in it. If you want to know about detailed information on Vikendi Map, check out

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vikendi map outlay
Vikendi Map,
The red marked zone indicates brown grassy area.

The colour scheme of the Ghillie suit perfectly matches with both areas of the Vikendi map. The white Ghillie suit can blend perfectly within the snow areas of the map, whereas the brown ghillie suit can be stealthy in the grassy areas of the lower halves of the map.

Though the white ghillie suit can be found in the grassy area and brown ghillie suit can be found in the icy region, but these ghillie suits can be only found in drops. You cannot find them in houses or loot areas.

Two Ghillie suits!

Vikendi Map is a combination of both Erangel and Sanhok combined into a sweet composition, which includes competitive and aggressive gaming as well as short and compact [6 x 6] gameplay. Vikendi has houses and hiding places everywhere making the gameplay a bit tough in that regards.

Advantages Of Ghillie Suit(s):-

Basically, Ghillie suits are like a double-edged sword, they can either be in your favour or can make you in utter disadvantages if not use properly. Here are few things that you should keep in mind while equipping with ghillie suit.

  1. Ghillie Suits are meant to be used in the wild, if you wear a ghillie suit and run into a house then you can be spot by an enemy.
  2. You should NOT be using a white ghillie suit in the grass area, as it would make you a perfect target for anyone. Similarly, the brown suit should be skip in icy areas.
  3. Wearing a Ghillie suit will make you drop all your clothes. If you are spending money on buying clothes and skins for your character and then swapping it with ghillie suit will make you drop your clothes.
  4. Dropping the pan and not using guns with eye-catching skins might work best with a ghillie suit.


There are lots of ways a ghillie suit can become handy, but sometimes its really troublesome and its better to go on without the ghillie suit.

Personally, I preffer a ghillie suit over the dress I’m using as I do not buy crates for skins and clothes because it really doesn’t bother me switching from my clothes.