There are thousands of apps available in Play Store, and most probably you already have one of them installed right in.

Top 10 Apps you Should Delete right away:-

1. UC Browser :-

one of the most popular app and is a good browser to surf and download content from web.

Recently it was acquired by Cheetah Mobile and then everything about it become a complete mess, it is showing adds whenever you unlock your phone and so on.

It requires way too many permissions for a browser to use, a potential threat to the security of the user.

2. UC News :-

Another acquisition of Cheetah Mobile, which made the app from a news platform to spam delivery of adult contents.

As of previous case, the app requires lots of permissions for a news delivery app. It diverts user data to their servers.

You can check for previous caps of data theft by them on google.

3. ES File explorer :-

Previously it was one of the apps I personally use.

Some updates ago, they added some popups and this app works in background to analyze the other app usage and render the battery in the background.

So it is advised to ‘Force Stop’ the app when not in use, but other than that. This is one of the best file explorer.

4. ‘Battery Saver(s)’ :-

It comes with a quote as there are battery savers with xyz names in front of them.

To tell you honestly, they are nothing but consuming more battery than they claim to save.

These apps clear the background running apps.

Temporally clearing memory but when we are relaunching the app, the processor needs to recompile their data into the ram using more battery in the process.

Android 5.0 and above comes with great memory management so there is actually no need to use these apps.

But if you want to save battery in reality, then check out this post.

5. Apps and Games that are less popular :-

There are lots of apps indexed at Play Store, as anyone can upload their for free.

This lead to app developers to make a hyperactive game or apps for flashlight to have a ton of adds in them.

Though Google constantly removes malicious apps from Play Store, but if you download one of the apps that are not yet checked by Google Play Protect then it might do some damage before google removes it.

6. Apps from unknown soures

We install apps from unknown sources for the benefit of using paid apps for free, but the lesser known fact is these apps can be easily modified with malicious codes.

These malicious codes harm your phone way too much, they can steal home valuable information from phone, run cryptomining  in background and what not.


These are the top 6 apps we should not use, we should recheck our list to have a better user experience.

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