One of the most problematic situation we face everyday is battery, our modern day consumption is higher than it was used to be but the battery that comes with most of the phones are around 3500 mAH so if you are a power user it is really hard to last a day.

If you are a heavy mobile gamer, a social butterfly or want your phone to last till the end of the day easily, this blog is exclusively just for you. Let’s extend the battery of your smartphone to is maximum extend.

Here are some ways you can save battery, and each of them are personally tested. So you can be rest assured of the ways being true or false.

The download links are available below the post, so no need to haunt them manually.

Tips to save battery:-

  1. Using the alternative lite version for all the popular apps, there are almost a lite version for all the apps you use regularly. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, etc. The original version of the apps are above 40 MB and and their lite alternatives are less than the actual app.
  2. Delete or disable the apps which you are not using, they use up the RAM and  processing power of your phone without your knowledge.
  3. STOP using third-party apps, they do have some malicious code complied making it a threat to your phone.
  4. Using battery saving mode does do the trick, it will block the background usage of certain apps.
  5. Last year google released it series of GO apps, which are the lite version for every google app alternatives. They do save battery, and go low on the processor of your device as well.
  6. Reducing the sleep time to 30 seconds, does improves the overall usage of the battery.
  7. You may turn off the background sync, which forces background synchronization to stop and go easy on battery during standby.
  8. Using Manual brightness to ensure the adequate brightness for you to comfortably see the content of your screen, turning on the auto-brightness mode (Sorry Samsung users) may demand more brightness than needed which results in extra consumption of battery.
  9. Phones having AMOLED screen are in advantage for this tip, if you are using a complete dark wallpaper then you are going so save almost 30% more battery than the non-black wallpaper user. Also you can use monochrome mode to turn your display into black and white, which may save your battery.
  10. Last but no least, Using an app called Greenify. And YES this app does works, it does not clean the apps in the background, rather it hibernates them without clearing them from background and blocks any usage of the app from background. You can use the free version, but the pro version provides hibernation of system apps as well.


These are my suggestions for you to save battery, and yeah I’m using them personally so go for it.

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Links for apps


Facebook lite, Messenger lite

Youtube GO, Google GO, Maps GO, Navigation for Maps GO, Files GO

Twitter Lite

All the apps listed above are all from Play Store.

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