YouTube is a very big platform right now worldwide, and the songs and videos that are present on YouTube are undoubtfully the best but you cannot download them.

Due to some restrictions on YouTube you can only stream music and videos by having the premium subscription which is as high as $11.99 per month.

You can enjoy all the premium features of YouTube by using Vanced YouTube. But in contrast to music playing there are much fewer options.

There is an XDA Devloper Khang NT, develops YMusic which is awesome with the integration of YouTube Algorithm and basic features of Music player, making this music player replace all other players.

Download YMusic.

Install the apk file from the link above, allow unknown sources to install the app and then run it.

There are lots of features in this app, and I’m gonna let you though all of them.

YMusic Features :-

1. Stream Music from your YouTube Liberary :- You can easily play all your favourite songs from your selected artist by logging in your Google Account.

login ymusic
Tap on the Sign In button.

Tap on the SIGN IN button and log in with your Google Account to import all the pre used liberary from YouTube.

2. Download Music directly into your phone :- Using YMusic, you can easily download any song or video directly into your phone memory with the desired format.

You no longer need any additional app or website to download your favourite music or video, using YMusic you can download them very easily.

Click on the 3 dot menu on right side of every video, to reveal additional menus.

3 dot menu
3 dot menu settings

You can either click on Download MP3/M4A to directly download and convert into a selected format, or you can tap on More Options to get another set of additional settings.

3 dot aditional settings extra

Tap on M4A or MP3 to download the file and convert them into music files. Tapping on anything other than that will let you download the Video File.

You can view your downloaded playlist by Swiping Right > Download Manager.

3. Search and play any music from YouTube :- YMusic integrates YouTube, and you can play any video from here. Now you have the player with the largest music liberary in the world.

4. Background Playing of Music :- YMusic lets you play music in the background, that means you can create your own playlist and leave the app to listen the songs in the background with the highest clarity available.

You can easily set a sleep timer by opening the ongoing track and tap on the clock icon on the top of the app.

Problems with the app :

Though the app is really new in its release, and you can expect a lot of bugs in this apps. But still it is my daily driver when listening to my favourite songs. Here are some bugs I’ve found so far.

  • While playing the song if you swipe away the notification bar of YMusic from notification panel, the app suddenly stops but starts again within a second.
  • Sometimes some videos might now get converted into your desired format as there might be some error in the server while converting into the desired format.
  • Playing Videos in the app gets you very little feature and is not at all good for playing video as the interface is a little buggy. You can use YouTube Vanced for amazing YouTube features.
  • You might see ‘in-feed ad’ style in your player, though it is not a bug, it might be a little distracting while viewing or playing any song.


The app is a little buggy but it servers the action what it is named for. I recommand you using an alternative gmail account for signing in. Overall, you will have a seamless youtube playback experince.