The Season 4 of PUBG Mobile is going to end on 17th January. Soon after that Season 5 will take over with version 0.10.5. This time there is no official leaks from Tencent Games but leakers are everywhere.

Let’s find out what Season 5 brings out.

season 5
Season 5 Royal Pass Emblem.

New Theme

On every occassion, PUBG Mobile gets a brand new theme which perfectly suits with the current season or upcoming holidays. This time also there is no less done to this.

As per China version, we can confirm that the theme will be related to new year/fire theme with apocalyptic musical effect (as zombie mode is going live as well).

As New Year in china is all about fire crackers, you can expect new gun skin, costumes, vehicles and many more with fire theme, which in my opinion will be amazing.

New Outfits

As always, PUBG Mobile come with brand new cloths with every consecutive Seasons. This time, they are on with red/fir-ish type of cloths and yeah Assassian’s¬†Creed cloths as well and this might be one of the things PUBG fans are demanding for.

pubg mobile assassins creed outfit
Assassin’s Creed type of Outfit.

The Assassin’s Creed outfit looks dope and will do an amazing job of stealth in bushes and other areas. Tencent Games have nailed this outfit for real.

New Gun, Vehicle Skins

Another major update that we might expect in this new season are some amazing gun skins and car skins.

We can expect the golden AKM, UMP. Black dragon skin for UMP, SLR, SCAR-L and KAR98K from the above render. We have Ice-cream van skin for Van, Mad-max skin for Dacia and many more.

Other Upcoming Updates

Most hyped update is the Zombie mode that will be live with the latest update along with bug fixes and the MK47 Mutant and PP-19 Bizon to be available with this update.

You can expect a snow mode for Erangel, which will be coming soon but not in this update. The Dragon Mode, which was hyped as well will not come in the global version so don’t get your hopes high on that.