Tencent Games will bring out new features this year. That might include a dragon mode, zombie mode, PP-19 Bizon, MK47 Mutant, Tukshai and many more.

Cooperative Mode

Recently, a major update of 0.13.0 by Lightspeed and Quantum Studios for Chinese beta version with a new year theme. There is an arcade Cooperative mode in which dragons and monsters are spanned and you are to kill them to earn lots of rewards which are redeemable for amazing skins, titles and lot more.

PUBG Dragon
Cooperative Mode, fighting with the dragon.

Like war mode, there will be a cooperative mode in which you can play in solo, duo or squad against monsters and dragons with high HP. You and your team members have to go against them to kill them and earn rewards but getting hit from them might trigger instant kill.

This game mode might make out to be one of the most amazing playable modes, and with the dragons and other monsters in the game but it was confirmed by an youtuber Rey Lagarto, stating that this mode will be available only in chinese version and would not come in the global version.

Zombie Mode

As discussed in the Cooperative mode, the Zombie Mode allows you to play in solo, duo or squad against many waves of zombie army. They are without any weapons but their number are what makes them dangerous. The team with most kills within a given time wins.

This game mode is very much competetive, as you are killing zombies instead of other players in a small circle of zone. Killing each zombie might be a hard task as they will be running and a lot in number.

Night Mode

Night Mode was officially introduced in the global version last year but only in Erangel as Day/Night. In this mode you play in the Erangel from day to night again into day where the circle closes off.

You can see in night mode using night vision googles which can be found in loot areas, and you get greenish tint vision which allows you to see in the dark. But as time goes on the sun starts to rise and the nigth vision googles turns off automatically. In case you could not find a glass then you are off with almost dark area with very little visibility.

This time around, PUBG Mobile is taking another step with the night mode. The new snow map, Vikendi is going to get this feature as well. This might be a really good addition as the night mode in snow area might give a really good feel of the play.

New Guns

Two new guns are previously playable in global beta, MK47 Mutant and PP-19 Bizon. Both of them excels in their own category.

PP-19 Bizon is a sub-machine gun which shoots .9mm ammo and packs a good punch in the game.

MK47 Mutant on the other hand is an AR, which shoots 7.62mm with 20 ammo rounds and can be switched between burst and single shot. A gun with gutshot-headshot combo.

Other Features

  • Death Cam
  • Old voice chat
  • Vikendi map (stable)


The chinese beta leakes out in game modes that may or may not come into global version, but this time around Tencent Games might feature all of them, give or take few. But overall this time around the update is going to blow some mind off as well.