PUBG Mobile is such a delight to play, it is THE best battle royale game among mobile and PC. Playing agaist 100 player and winning the tittle “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER” is such a bliss to enjoy. BUT, there is something which will impove your chance to get the tittle even better. Yup, having more fps (Frames Per Second) gets you the ultimate battle royale experience.

PUBG Mobile is a CPU and GPU intensive game which takes the real stress test of your device. Due to this fact, Tencent Games limit the usage of Process and Graphics to reduce the useage of Phone’s resources. That’s what bottlenecks our gameplay and not getting the ‘WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER’ title, making the fps count and graphics quality to the lowest for mid-ranged phones.

There is a way to skip the barrier of limiting fps and graphics, boost the gameplay. But it is demanding on battery, so WARNING that this method will drain a little extra battery than usual.

Using a gfx tool, you can configure the fps and graphics of the game, but PUBG Mobile with its bad reputation in banning people using any third-party application to modify PUBG. That’s why, I took my time and searched for the best gfx tool and playing with it without getting a BAN.

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Setting Up GFX tool

STEP 1 :- Download PUB Gfx Tool from Google Play.

STEP 2 :– Open the app and select the Game Variantof your PUBG Mobile Version. For Global Version choose Global 0.10.x: LightSpeed & Quantum.

STEP 3 :– Select the ‘Resolution‘ option and choose the correct resolution of your phone, selecting resolution lower than your phone will save some battery but selecting resolution more than your phone’s native resolution will cost you huge battery drain. So select carefully. I suggest you go for 1280×720.

STEP 4 :- Select Graphics and choose the option best for your advantage.

STEP 5 :- FPS, if you have a less powefull processor I suggest you go for High or Medium. Or else go for Extreme to have the best gaming experience.

If you want to play without any lag then scroll and tick the Zero Lag Mode + Battery Efficient which will configure the optimal settings.

Click on Apply and then Run Game.

On the first launch itself, you’ll see a huge difference. The animations will be buttery smooth and there will be little to no lag at all.

For me, I played at HD Graphics with High fps. When I used GFX Tool, it crank up the settings to HDR Graphics with Extreme fps. To be honest, the experince is amazing the game does not lag at all and with very less frame drops.

pubg mobile gfx tool before
Before GFX Tool
After Using GFX Tool.

It’s been a month since I’m using this gfx tool and without any ban on my personal account. I think using this gfx tool you’ll not be ban and keep playing PUBG at max settings.

Lastly, I’ve updated this post with a newer gfx tool for the best experince and with way more settings to tinker with.