You can get the premium features of YouTube for absolutely free, which is otherwise $11.99 or almost 850 INR per month. It includes background playing of media, no ads, Picture-in-picture more and lot.

YouTube launched in 2006 is a constantly growing video platform in which content creatores are featured and the views are entertained with differrent types of videos. Since, 2006 this platform is constantly growing and on 2008 Google bought YouTube and since then it made a certain boost in growth.

How to get Premium Features for free?

There are two ways in which you can have these features absoultely free.

1. Using YouTube Vanced :-

youtube vanced
Home Screen of YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a module officially for Magisk Manager which needs root, and it includes lots of advance features. Due to its features the developers mod the app to work without root.

Using YouTube Vanced for random videos you can download the apk and use it. But if you want to use YouTube Vanced just like the official app then you need to install another MicroG package.

Download the latest version of YouTube Vanced and MicroG and install them applying ‘Install from Unknown sources’.

Open the YouTube Vanced app and click on the icon on top rigth corner and add an account using google id and password.

Now you can experience the premium youtube features

YouTube Vanced features :-

Any Resolution Playing:- You can override the resolution limiter, that means you can watch 4K content in 720P phone, though the pixels might seem bigger, you can stream 4K videos at easy. How to do that?

Tap on your profile at the top right corner -> Settings -> Vanced Settings -> Video Settings -> Resolution Checks

Swipe Controls :- You can easily change the volume and the brightness of the YouTube videos by simply swiping up on either side of the playing videos. How to enable it?

Tap on your profile at the top right corner -> Settings -> Vanced Settings -> Swipe Controls 

Background Video / Music playing:- Using YouTube Vanced you can easily play videos or music in the background. Play a video and press the home button, a small Picture-in-picture mode will appear.

NOTE:- Picture-in-picture is officially supported from android 8.0 so it might not be available to all users

2. Using a VPN service

You can enjoy Picture-in-picture mode in official YouTube app if you use a VPN and connect to US servers.

Download a VPN, I personally use VPNHub (Yeah, enticing name right? :-p) for the best free and fast servers.

Play a video and press the home button, but this feature is only available if your phone is above Android 8.0