Common mistakes you make while using your phone: Getting around with android is really easy, as it is a simple yet powerful platform to operate on.

The fact is, we do certain things on our phone which may be harmful for your device if you want to use the device for more than a year.

Here is our list of common mistakes you make while using your phones, and all of them are personally tested and experienced by me to make you aware of it.

Common mistakes you make while using your Phone :-

1. Clearing the Apps from Background :

Probably this is one of the most common thing we do with our phone is clearing all the apps from the background. Now this may seem an interesting thing to do but it actually harms your phone.

When you clear the apps running in the background, the data and cache of the app is cleared from the RAM.

Recent apps

But when you are opening the app again, the processor needs to load these apps and register them into RAM thus doing extra work and degrading the battery in the process.

With the release of Android 5.0, the app management algorithm of the OS is vastly versatile. So it can automatically clear the apps that are not needed to run in the background.

2. Installing Battery Saving Apps :

Admit it, at least once in your lifetime you did install these apps with the thought that it would save battery. But what is does is actually crank up the battery usage by clearing the apps from the background.

If you really want to save battery, then look into Top 10 Battery saving tips for android [that works].

To let you know just in case, those are the things I personally do for the reassurance of a whole day battery for my 2 year old phone 🙂

3. Installing Cleaners :

This is related to first point, and I repeat DO NOT USE THEM.

What you are actually doing is imposing more task upon the processor, reducing the lifespan of your phone.

Well if you have a old phone and want to speed up things then here’s our suggestion to Top 7 Apps you should use.

Rest assured, as I am using them and to tell you that the experience I’m having with these apps are amazing.

4. Charging Habits :

I can write an entire book on this topic, but well that’s there.

With the modern phones, you really do not need to worry about when to charge, Charging overnight, reducing the battery to 0%, and other issues with battery related problem, you can comment down some of them I will gladly answer them.

To tell you in short, there is actually no need to worry about these things as your mobile hardware completely manages these stuff for you.

No matter how many time you charge your phone, or left it to charge overnight, etc.

Bonus : You can use your phone while it is charging and I do it myself.

The thing you actually need to worry about is when your phone starts to get very hot while charging, or you are charging the phone while it is between an insulator for example between your pillow.

phone under pillow
This is something you should not do while charging your phone or else it may catch fire.

It is better to undo the phone cover as well during charging.

It is advice to use the stock charger provided within the phone box, but you may swap the charger with another one with the same output as of the stock. But do use a thick and short cable for charging, why? ELEMENTARY PHYSICS FOLKS!

Just skip those charger without any branding and thin cable, THEY DO HARM YOUR PHONE.

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